Mental Health Counseling

Part of Recovery RANGER Corps is the counseling for mental health. By this, we mean that in order to understand where we are going, we must first recollect where we have been. Mental health is not only for the recovering to commence, but also to continue.


Recovery RANGER Corps helps a man by understanding a man's belief. If a man does not have a belief, well RRC can hopefully guide him to the one he choses for himself.


Recovery RANGER Corps focuses on the Military Boot Camp style for recovery (includes Physical Training). Most do not realize how much discipline is needed to begin a program, let alone the continuation of that discipline years into recovery. 

Community Service

Recovery RANGER Corps believes whole heartedly in giving back to the community. Recovery is not complete if a man is not willing to give himself freely to his community. The idea in this is to help the man understand Selfless Service.

Our Current Community Service

Every 22nd of every Month, we participate in the #WalktheBridge on the Heroes Memorial Bridge of Rockwall, TX and Rowlett, TX. Recovery RANGER Corps considers it to be an Honor to #WalktheBridge to help bring awareness of suicide among veterans, law enforcement officers and first responders.

This is in support of Third Watch LE Motorcycle Club and #WalkTheBridge. Please help us support them by visiting their pages. Thank you.

Upcoming Community Service 

Any future Community Service will be posted here and we are open to suggestions and requests. 

Please feel free to contact us.