About Us

  • We are a men’s boot camp, drug, and alcohol abuse recovery program which runs 9 - 12 months in length. 

  • Our goal is to assist men suffering from Substance Abuse in their recovery and returning them back to their family, community, and society as productive members. We are two US Army Veterans with over 20 years of combined Military experience and more than four decades of continuous recovery.  We both reached rock bottoms that resulted in either incarceration or homelessness.  We embarked on recovery through strategies that included the 12 Step programs and Spiritual healing! Thus, our system will contain components of those elements and a Military segment to round out the process of integration into a successful life. 

  • We have experienced the challenges of attempting to recover from substance abuse.  We know the process is an ongoing journey instead of a destination. The journey has not been easy, yet here we are; men that are part of a Brotherhood that many die trying to become a part of, the brotherhood of  Sobriety.


  • The Recovery RANGER Corps ideals are years in the making and will continue to be expansive regarding the future. We plan to work with local County, State, and Federal agencies, as well as private for-profit and nonprofit organizations, in the successful reintegration of former substance abuse addicts back into Society! One aspect of our plan is to introduce our program as an alternative to incarceration.  This program is not for the faint of heart. We will challenge those who enter Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually. It is based on our experiences, knowledge, training in working, and participation in recovery programs. 

  • In conclusion, who we are, what we believe and stand for is summed up with the following two words, 


(Latin for “on their own accord”)

Recovery RANGER Corps Concept

"In August of 1994, my Sponsee Jimmy (a fellow Vet) from Chicago and I were into our first years of Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Abuse. We were both on fire for the relief from those addictions, which recovery had given us! We saw a need for an approach that incorporated a Spiritual and Clinical component and a third module that would include personal accountability, similar to what recovery models stressed. We realized the training we had received in the U.S. Military was the perfect third element. It is a way for us to channel what we had been taught regarding personal accountability and responsibility in recovery.
We began to formulate a plan to start a Recovery program along those lines. We named our vision the Recovery Ranger Corps (RRC). Unfortunately, Jimmy married and died before we could complete the process. The idea stayed with me, and I believed that God had plans to achieve the dream.
The next phase of my journey began at The Men of Nehemiah (TMON). TMON originated in New Orleans founded by Ret. Lt. Col. Louis Harrell Sr. who was also a Pastor. I was given the responsibilities of developing the military aspect of the TMON.

After approximately 12 years with TMON, the desire to resurrect the RRC became stronger. At that point, I had been blessed to work with another fellow Veteran, Gabriel Kanawite, with whom I worked side by side at TMON. I shared my idea with Gabe because I saw he had a passion for helping others, which rivaled my own. We began reviving the Recovery Ranger Corps (RRC) concept shortly after departing from The Men of Nehemiah Program. I could not have made this dream real without God connecting us in a chance meeting at the Army store in Garland, Texas. Gabriel has been a blessing through some tough times. His knowledge, skills, patience, dedication, love of others, as well as his selfless sacrifices, made this endeavor a dream come true. Gabriel's wife, Kathy, has also contributed significantly to this endeavor!
Sua Sponte! God bless us all as we continue to do the work he made possible!"

as told by Founder and Vice President of Recovery RANGER Corps, John "Sarge" Stewart

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